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Quebrada Mother's Day Interviews

a person cutting a piece of cake on a plate

Quebrada bakers and staff all have fond memories of baking with their mother’s, father’s, and family members. For some it was their first introduction to baking and the beginning of a life-long love of baking, decorating, and being surrounded by pastries and cakes!

a close up of food

Ali. Cake decorator and baker.

Every Christmas Eve our family would get together with my grandmother and bake “Grammy” Cookies (her traditional Italian anisette cookies). As kids we were allowed to measure out the ingredients and cut and sprinkle the cookies. It was my first introduction to baking and one of the big reasons I got into baking. When I bake now that’s what I think of. 

a close up of food

Gigi. Cake Room Manager. Baker and decorator. 

My mother taught me how to bake and everything I know about baking. Every fall we would make apple pies. Sugar cookies at Christmas time. Chocolate chip cookies all year round. She is an even better cook!

a close up of a piece of cake sitting on top of a table

Teddy. FOH retail staff member. 

For every birthday my mother makes custom cakes. She picks whatever subject or hobby the kids are into at that time and turns it into a cake. When I was a kid, I had an imaginary world and she made a dragon cake for my birthday. There has been a Yoda cake, Harry Potter cake, and most recently a surfing cake! We never know what it’s going to be! She would just know what to make!

a cake with fruit on top of a plate of food

Victoria. FOH retail staff member.

I remember melting chocolate in a bain-marie with my Grandmother. We would dip strawberries!

a person cutting a piece of cake on a plate

Colette. Belmont Manager.

When my Armenian grandmother visited us in Florida, she would roll out sheets of dough, cut it up into little squares, and I would be allowed to fill them with a meat filling. We would fold them up and bake them in a circular baking pan. I would get to wear a little apron and be the taste tester, my favorite part. I miss spending time with her in the kitchen.

a close up of food on a table

Tito. Croissant roller and baker.

I started baking when I was 13 to help my uncle. I would go bake empanadas before going to school. My wife grew up in the baking business and she would bake a lot of breads. Now, I’m still baking, but my wife has changed career and is working with small children. We still love baking though!