Early each morning a labor of love, of caring handmade goodness using only the freshest, simplest wholesome ingredients begins anew at the Quebrada Baking Co. neighborhood bakeries in East Arlington, Belmont Center and Wellesley Hills.

Fresh, Fresh, Fresh

Quebrada Baking Co. - a ray of sunshine in E. Arlington and Wellesley HillsWelcome to Quebrada Baking Co. Come in and experience the joy of world-class breakfast baked goods, and barista coffees and teas. Let your eyes linger over shelves brimming with distinctive petite desserts and delicious cookies. Delight in rich and moist cakes and cupcakes, beautifully decorated to your order. And savor enticing aromas reminiscent of European corner bakeries or the family kitchen, where ‘fresh, fresh, fresh’ is a way of life.

Quebrada (say: “Kay-bra-da”) is a Spanish geographical term used throughout Central and South America to denote a break in terrain. The figure in the Quebrada™ logo sits in just such a quebrada in the rolling hills at the headwaters of the Rio Magdalena, Colombia, South America.

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NOW OPEN! Quebrada’s new Belmont Center bakery, which features our fresh barista-brewed Coffee & Teas, is now open 6AM – 6PM every day!  View Belmont Map Check us out on Yelp | ArlingtonCheck us out on Yelp | Wellesley Check us out on Yelp | Belmont You’re always welcome to join in on the conversation on Facebook! Facebook  View Quebrada feature on Chronicle Newsmagazine Show

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  • Early Fall at The Bakery

    • Well, the kids are back in school, and our lives once again are shifting back into high gear. Then too, it seems with every change in season comes a sense of new beginnings, of looking forward to what’s next, of renewal, faith, and energy. This is especially true at the onset of Fall, when our children look forward to the start of school, outfits fresh, a look of anticipation on their faces . . . and thoughts of pride and hope in minds of their parents.

      I’ll always remember those days, coming home to the smell of my Mother's homemade cookies and after-school treats in the oven; and the still warm freshness that always made us feel safe, and happy to be there.

      Well, the times have surely changed. But at Quebrada,
      now in our 38th year, we remain passionate about offering Fresh, Fresh, Fresh™ baked goods and desserts, made from the freshest, simplest wholesome ingredients available™ – just like you’d find in your Mother or Grandmother’s kitchen. And we craft them daily, with pride and love.

      We hope you'll take a moment out of your busy schedule to stop by and pick out some delicious fresh-baked goods to bring home to your family. And now that everybody's back from vacation, perhaps your co-workers too! Or just come in to enjoy a little quiet time for yourself over a cup of Quebrada's barista-brewed coffees & teas, both hot & iced.

      You're always welcome to join us on Facebook for ideas & conversation!